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Concealed Handgun Accessories

Many new gun owners spend hours researching to decide on what handgun to purchase. Not knowing what finish to select or what caliber to purchase let alone what handgun accessories to buy. The right concealed accessories can make all the difference in the world when it comes to successfully carrying a firearm.

A Good Holster is a man’s/woman’s best friend.

Not enough can be said about having a good quality holster. Holding the handgun in place is just the beginning. A holster needs to be stable, not moving around on the belt underneath the clothing. If it does move, it poses the temptation to adjust it. That leaves the door open for someone to notice you are carrying a firearm. Many things can result from that and most of them are not convenient or favorable.

A quality holster helps position the gun so that it can be accessed quickly and easily while presenting the grip in a way that allows the owner a solid pull before the draw begins. Your holster should not be the cause of you not being able to get a good grip on your weapon in a true situation.

A Spare Magazine could be your Knight in Shining armor

Most of us think that one magazine is sufficient however; most of us have never really been in a gun fight. You don’t know with what situation you will be presented with. Better safe than sorry.

Another common use of an extra magazine is to replace the magazine that has malfunctioned in your semi-automatic pistol. One of the most common causes of malfunctions in semi-automatic pistols is the magazine. If you don’t have an extra, you have no options. This happens because the springs become weak from being compressed for long periods of time and the next round is not fed properly into the chamber. Dirt and grit may have gotten into the magazine and prevented it from working as well.

However, if not carried or stored properly the extra magazine will not work either.

Magazine Carriers are a must

If you just drop your extra magazine in your pocket or the drawer it gets dirty or even worse you don’t have it on you. It’s worthless. A quality magazine carrier will keep your magazines in a fixed position, preventing you from putting it in backwards. It also helps keep your ammunition clean so that it is ready whenever you need it.

Gun Safe

If you have a gun in the home, it is wise to invest in proper firearm storage. Curious youngsters cause senseless accidents. When not in use, firearms should be locked in a certified gun safe. The protection of your family is the goal. Firearms don’t kill people. People kill people. Be smart and safe.  Get all your Concealed Handgun Accessories and more here!