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So the biggest gun-shopping season is literally right around the corner. Friday is September 1st. We will have officially hit the “embers.” This means that holiday season is official here and just less than one day after Americans give thanks for what they have, they rush to Walmart to beat the snot out of the person trying to take their precious, big screen TV.

While there may or may not be a chance that gun sales will be down from last year, people will still undoubtedly be going to the gun-store to buy their favorite guns. Bargain shoppers are ever on the lookout for the best deal.

Though, I tend to shy away from large crowds of people, I indulge in the insanity of Black Friday shopping through the internet. You not only get a chance to get goodies on Black Friday but there is also Cyber Monday!

Here are a few tips I’ve got for you, if you decide to test the waters for good deals.

Know before you go:

You should have some kind of idea what you’re looking for before you head out. Try to figure out what you’re going to the store for. You should also check out not only what time the store opens but make sure you know what time the sale actually begins. Know that if the item is really popular people will actually camp the night before to get it.

If it’s a gun, be prepared to wait:

Everyone and their mother will be buying a gun on Black Friday, or so it will seem. The system can get bogged down on high buy days. Calling in for clearance of background checks can take time and if everyone is doing it at the same time the system can ring busy.

Know where it’s located:

Just because Bass Pro, Cabela’s, Dick’s, and similar store goers are more pleasant than Walmart shoppers doesn’t mean those folks aren’t moving as quickly as they can to get the deals they want. If you have a general idea of where the product you’re looking for is located, you’ll have a better chance at scoring the deal than someone who is clueless.


Prepare for long lines:


Standing in line is inevitable. People get cranky. Babies are crying. It gets hot. It’s not pretty. There is a price to pay for getting the discounted price and this is it. Decide before you go if it is worth it. Take a bottle of water and a snack with you.


  1. Hallo!
    I like your post quite a lot,….I am just wondering why you have no photos, drawings, or artwork depicting a rifle, handgun, howitzer, or even a bullet? I am also a “right to bear arms” advocate, so I really like what your doing here.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I didn’t think of the pictures not depicting any firearm…I guess I was just more focused on the shopping portion of it but very good point! Thanks for the insight.

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