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Conceal Carry in a Sexy Dress

“Carry All Day Every Day”

I mentioned in another article that in my opinion carrying a handgun in your purse is a really bad idea! The first thing that your assailant goes after in a robbery is your purse. If your handgun is in your purse, once the purse is gone so is your protection. You are rendered almost helpless at that point.

One of the challenges for women with concealed carry is where to put the darn thing! Most clothes with any style about them provide next to no possibilities. This is where the right concealed handgun accessory comes in. Depending on which dress you choose to wear at the moment will depend on which way you will want to conceal your weapon.

1. Ankle Carry – Okay, so whether it’s a slinky evening gown or a long flowing summer beach dress ankle carry would most possibly be the best choice here. There is usually not much fabric to the upper bodice of the dress so you take advantage of the lower coverage. Ankle carry is perhaps one of the most comfortable on this list, not to mention among the most accessible.

2. Traditional Inside Waistband Carry – With this type of concealed carry it is important that you wear something to keep your firearms and accessories anchored to your body. Most women choose shorts capable of accommodating the firearm belt in order to accomplish this. Jean shorts are the best as they are not only form-fitting, but tough enough to support the weight of your gear. With this in mind you also have to choose a dress that is non-form fitting from the waist down so that the bulk of what is under there is not visible.

3. Hip Hugger Carry – This option works well with a drop waste dress. The belt sits low on the hips where the top is resting a few inches below the belly button. You also have the convenience of sliding the holster around until the pockets are exactly where they need to be.

4. Belly Band Carry – The belly band may be ultimately the most flexible on-body holster, making it possible to position the firearm nearly anywhere on your torso to suit the clothing you are wearing. The belly band allows you to position the gun high or low, toward the front or toward either side. With a dress, the firearm could also be positioned just beneath the bosom to allow a draw from the neckline.

5. Back Carry – One solution for back carry is the pocketed compression shorts. They feel like Spanx and secure the handgun right in the small of your back. With this option you get your tummy control too!

6. Thigh carry – The length of your dress will decide if this is an option for you. You want to be sure the pistol and holster stay concealed because the handgun can only sit so high before the grip of the gun becomes an issue. It is important to test a thigh holster out before you use it. Without a comfortable enough holster, the wearer can chafe from movement.

7. Bra carry – With a dress that is not just skin-tight and has a little fabric below the chest the bra carry holster would be a great option.

With each one of these options comes practice with the draw. You are going to either have to hike your skirt, or reach down your shirt but you can still be pretty and pack at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Conceal Carry in a Sexy Dress

  1. I just saw on the news this morning a story about a robbery at a Walgreens and the robber had a gun and was telling everyone to get down and was maybe going to hurt or kill someone. Well one of the customers has a concealed weapon and actually shot and killed the robber and saved the people inside. I was then telling my husband what a cool story that was and that if there were more people like that who are trained and able to carry a gun, that they could stop more crimes like that! I told my husband, “Well I guess you would carry the gun, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it,” so I’m glad I read this because now I realize I can protect myself because I have a place to hide it!

    1. Not only would you have a place to hide it but you would look good while you were doing it! LOL. This is a great story. I love it. Thank you for sharing it. This made my day……

  2. Hey there! I think that carrying guns is great for women especially to girls who are going to a party. Most men will take advantage to them and having a gun is a great help to protect themselves from bad guys. This is a great ways to conceal the gun but girls and even guys should be responsible when bringing their guns. They should be in their right minds to protect themselves and not just to show off their guns.

    1. You are correct.  No one should be allowed to carry unless they are fully trained.  You take on a lot of responsibility when your strap on your weapon.  It is not something to take lightly.  You should never pull your weapon unless you have to use it.  Thanks you for your comments!

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