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Handguns Do Not Kill

“Carry All Day Every Day”

Handguns or any type of gun for that matter does not have the ability to stand up, load itself, aim at its target and make the decision to pull its own trigger. To say otherwise we are anthropomorphizing the handgun to make decisions as a human would.

Only living creators who have the ability to rationalize and make the decision to physically act upon a thought process kill people. If that is the case then, we would have to say that cars, knives, airplanes, pens, needles, drugs, alcohol, axes, hammers, ropes, rocks, food, money, you name it, kills people.

If we continue down that path and add the control that is being suggested by the “gun control” activists, we would have to implement the same control with all the other items I just listed. Now how absurd is that? Many say we don’t need guns because we have police. Does that mean we don’t need a fire extinguisher in our house because we have a fire department? So if the house burns down, whose fault is it?

Grant it, some people are irresponsible to put it politely. They cannot handle the responsibility of handgun ownership just as they can’t hand the ownership of a car or drinking responsibly. Those along with mentally ill, minors, and criminals are the people we ideally don’t want to have the handguns. However, until we figure out a way to accomplish that, taking handguns away from people who need to protect themselves is NOT the answer! Think about it. If you can protect yourself then you can stop criminals from breaking in and stealing. Would you break into a house knowing the owners had guns for their protection? I know I wouldn’t.

Listen, it all boils down to do you or don’t you? With privileges comes responsibility. Do you want the privilege of having a handgun or don’t you? If you do then you take on the responsibilities that come with it.

Of course these are just a few, but you get the idea.


1. Protection
2. Hunting
3. Target shooting
4. Hobby/Family heirloom
5. Constitution Right


1. Concealed Carry license
2. Secure Firearm when not in use
3. Education on how to handle
4. Treat Firearm as if it were loaded.
5. Never point firearm at anything you don’t intend to shoot

If you make the decision to own a handgun, you make the decision to own all the things that come with it. Being a responsible gun owner empowers us with the best tool we can have on hand to counter a threat to one’s life, and/or the lives of our family members. So to own a gun for the purpose of defense is one of the most universal and basic human rights

As gun ownership increases, crime decreases. It’s a win-win situation when more honest people are armed. Many, if not most, instances of self-defense don’t even necessitate the firing of a gun. Its mere presence is enough!

2 thoughts on “Handguns Do Not Kill

  1. You bring up some very interesting points. I grew up on a farm and was taught gun safety at a very young age. My children haven’t really been around any kind of guns and that alone makes me nervous. I believe especially now with all of the real player shooting games it is important for children to know gun safety. Taking away guns won’t help, education is key. Do you have any views on gun control and children?

    1. I agree with you.  Video games seem to make light of the use of guns in the minds of children.  Guns are real and kill real people.  Gun safety and education for children is very important.  It’s not a game.  I know some would be disturbed by what I am about to say but I think that it is important for children to be taught how to properly handle and shoot a gun.  With this comes teaching them the respect of gun safety and preservation of life.  That is a very good question.  Thank you for asking.  

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