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New to Concealed Handgun Carry? What Do I Do?

“Carry All Day Every Day”

Now as a newbie you are faced with the decision, “Do I carry a gun inside or outside the waistband?” This is a question that has to be answered by you based on your preferences. There are several things to consider. Decide which is more comfortable.

Usually, outside the waistband is a very comfortable option for everyday especially if you are walking around. It also provides for a much faster draw than inside waistband does. With inside waistband the pistol is right up against the skin whereas outside waistband is not. This allows for a more convenient grip on your pistol before you even pull it from the holster.

Because you can get to your pistol faster and easier with the outside waistband, it also enables you to be more accurate. There is no fumbling around or readjusting the position of your hand on the grip after the handgun is drawn. Every second counts in a life or death situation.

One more advantage to the outside waistband is that the re-holstering of your handgun when you’re done is extremely easy. In the event that you have actually fired your weapon in an emergency, with your adrenaline up and your brain racing, getting your handgun back in its safe place without an accidental discharge is essential. No one wants to shoot themselves trying to get their handgun back in the holster.

You should definitely try both and decide for yourself however considering all things, I recommend the outside waistband until you are no longer a newbie. You should also practice holstering, drawing and re-holstering your handgun until you are comfortable handling your weapon. Please practice with an unloaded firearm until you get to a range that has a draw-and fire lane. The situation is never the same when the real thing happens.


Women should not carry their handguns in their purse unless your purse is specifically designed to carry however even then I really advise against it. The first thing that predator is usually after when a woman is attacked is her purse. If your purse is pulled from you and your handgun is in it you are rendered defenseless immediately. The best thing to do is have your weapon on your person. I understand that concealment for women is even more difficult than men due to clothing styles but your safety is at the utmost importance. Better safe than sorry as my mother always says.

One disadvantage to the outside waistband is it doesn’t offer as much concealment as the inside waistband. However, there are holsters on the market that are made with a lower profile that make it easier to conceal outside the waistband. Also check for the open belt slot on one end and the belt slide fob in the center of the holster, giving the user two points of belt security for a tight and secure fit which allows for better concealment.



4 thoughts on “New to Concealed Handgun Carry? What Do I Do?

  1. Hi Angela,

    Great Article, I really enjoyed the reading!
    Today we all need to wear a gun because the situation is getting worse every day. I would love to wear a gun but where I live it is forbidden. Also, the government doesn’t give a license to everyone. Only to people who went to military services can hold a gun. However, my ante lives in the US. I will share this article with her, I am sure she will find it very useful!
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Daniella,

      Thank you for sharing and passing this article along to your Ante’.  Unfortunately the situation is getting worse everyday and maybe if we are allowed to protect ourselves it would deter those who thing they can do whatever they want to others….  Keep safe.

  2. Hello Angela,

    I have carried for about 10 years now. I have been carrying more often everywhere I can legally for the past year. The more responsible people carry, they will have a chance to defend themselves. Too many people think they have a right to assault others these days. I would rather have a gun and never have to use it than not have a gun in a life threatening situation. It’s the same as having insurance. Anyways, great article and PEACE everyone!


    1. I feel the exact same way.  I think the key word you used was “responsible”.  Thank you so much for your supporting words and your commitment to safety!

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