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Buffalo Bore Ammunition .45 Super Pistol and Handgun Ammo 200 Grain (45-S200/50)

45 Super is externally/dimensionally identical to 45 acp or 45 acp+P and is designed to be used in 45 acp semi auto pistols that have been fitted with stronger than normal recoil springs and a shock buffer plus a couple other modifications. While you can shoot 45 SUPER out of some stock 45 acp+P pistols such as the Glock 21 HK USP or the full sized all steel 1911 you will batter your pistol if you do not have them modified to handle the extra pressure and slide velocity of the 45 Super.

All Buffalo Bore’s 45 Super ammunition is loaded with flash suppressed powders so that if you have to fire in low light (when the criminal element is out) you will not be blinded by your own gun fire at the worst possible moment.

45S200———–1235 fps (200gr. Jhp)

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