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After much consideration Buffalo Bore believes there is a need for high quality full power ball 9MM ammunition that will feed through the older 9MM pistols that exist throughout the world in large numbers. Browning High Powers Colt 1911s and German Lugers are just a few of the older/classic 9MM pistols that were originally designed to cycle only with ball ammo.

Typical JHP expanding 9MM defense ammo has only existed for about three or four decades and has only become super popular for the last two decades and all currently produced 9MM pistols are manufactured to feed JHP (jacketed hollow point) ammunition. However for seven or eight decades the classic 9MM pistols were made to function/feed/cycle with ball ammo and many of those pistols will not reliably function with any ammo but ball style. So we are now producing a high quality full power standard pressure 9MM ball load to service all those classic 9MM pistolsand it will feed/cycle through all currently made pistols as well. Ball style ammunition has feeding advantages because of its round nose smooth profile. This ammunition is made by us in the same facility by the same people as our other 9mm loads. It features flash suppressed powders so as to not blind the user in low light situations which is a huge advantage as there is a great likelihood that if you need to fire in self-defense it will happen in low light when the criminal element is out-and-about.

Through the use of modern propellants we are also able to propel this 125gr. bullet at velocities traditionally typical of the lighter 115gr. bullets and do so at standard (SAAMI compliant) pressures so this is a very potent ball load. Being standard pressure it is safe for use in ALL 9MM firearms in normal operating condition.


– Caliber: 9mm
– Bullet Weight: 125 Grains
– Bullet Type: FMJ-RN Ball
– Quantity: 20 Rounds

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