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The Wheeler Engineering 11-Piece Master Gunsmith Interchangeable Head Hammer Set offers excellent craftsmanship with high quality materials. The hammer bodies are made from precision machined metal while the heads feature multiple materials such as steel brass plastic and rubber. The large hammer is great for driving out large roll pins while the small hammer can be used for precise smaller pins. The Interchangeable Hammer Set would make a great addition to your gunsmithing gear.


– Includes 2 hammer bodies and 8 hammer faces
– 4 hammer faces with each hammer body: metal brass nylon rubber
– Hammer bodies made of precision machined metal
– Large Hammer (10oz) for driving out large or stubborn roll pins
– Small Hammer (6oz) for precise control of smaller roll pins
– Steel Head ? For metal punches and surfaces
– Brass Head ? For preventing marring of metal surfaces and for brass punches
– Plastic Head ? Non marring
– Rubber Head ? Low recoil and can prevent denting of wood
– Comes with Durable Blow Molded case that organizes holds and protects components

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Dimensions 11 × 3.5 × 2.5 in


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