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EarShield Sport Plugs from Do-All Outdoors are as versatile as they are comfortable. They can be used simply as a passive plug or more depending on the position of the cap. Just snap the cap on the Hock filter closed and achieve an NRR of 24dB. Use as a noise filter with the cap open or they can be used as a replacement plug for the EarShield Digital BTE as well as all EarShield Boost Series BTE’s. Simply pull the Hock filter and cap out of the plug and insert BTE acoustic sound tube into the EarShield Sport Plugs for a comfortable and durable replacement tip. No special fitting required.


– Extremely comfortable
– Can be used in a variety of ways for protection
– Able to achieve an NRR of 24dB
– Fits EarShield D2 BTE’s & all Boost Series BTE’s
– No special fitting required

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