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The Pro Ears Hearing Protection Headsets are the balance achieved between comfort noise attenuation and purity of sound. The engineers at Pro-Ears have developed a hybrid digital/analog system found exclusively in these Gold Series active hearing protectors.

To further enhance the natural sound quality gold connectors are used along with high quality amplifiers and microphones to reduce impedance. Advancements in DLSC technology for compression turn an impulse sound wave from a gunshot into a soft audible pop. Finely engineered circuitry with proprietary programming has reduced attack time to 1.5 milliseconds. Adjustable gain control is provided so the industry leading sound amplification can match the shooter’s situational needs.

Made in the USA


– The model hunters demand most
– Internal gain setting preset to hear the quietest sounds at the greatest distance.
– Chop-side cup for clean long gun shooting
– Great for bow hunting
– Excellent for low to moderate noise level environment
– Apple iPod CD motor sports scanner or radio compatible using a 3.5 mm mini jack. Enjoy high fidelity sound while protecting your hearing


– Noise Reduction Rating: 25dB
– Color: Max 5

Additional information

Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 9.125 × 6 × 4.25 in


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