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How Girls With Guns Get Respect

“Carry All Day Every Day”

Most of the time, the gun range is a firearm man cave where woman look really out-of-place. It is not unusual to be the only woman at a shoot match or gun range. Fortunately, that is becoming less and less but when that is the case, it is very possible that you won’t be taken seriously. Girls aren’t supposed to play with guns. I have discovered a few things that help girls gain a little more respect behind the firing line.

1. Dress for the occasion. You don’t have to wear a long-sleeved button up shirt, with baggy jeans, combat boots and baseball cap but you do want to look like your prepared for the activity. You can save the mini skirt and stilettoes for the night club. No one wants to get a shell casing burn on their cleavage either. Having the proper attire insinuates that you are serious about what you came to do which makes people take you more seriously.

2. Have a handgun that fits your frame. It is very important to have the proper fit. Your trigger finger must be able to comfortably reach the trigger without affecting your grip, and you must be able to easily access any other functional buttons or levers on the gun, such as the magazine release and safety. You also want the right caliber. If the handgun is throwing you back 10 feet when you fire it, it is too big.

3. Learn how to handle your handgun. Practice at home. This can payoff big time by making you look and feel much more confident. Know how to load and unload your handgun and magazines, as well as performing basic operations. Locking back slides and using the manual safety shows everyone how self-sufficient you can be and gains a lot of respect even if you may be struggling. Everyone appreciates safe gun handling skills.

4. Don’t go in with a chip on your shoulder. Inappropriate jokes and salty language is usually more than most of us would like it to be. Firing back with as good as you’ve got will probably make you more of “one of the guys,” than tears or running to someone to complain. That kind of drama does nothing but show that you are truly a girl. No one is asking you to tolerate illegal or misbehavior but usually by calmly calling someone out face to face gains much more respect from everyone. Most of the time, people make fun of you to take the focus off themselves.

5. Hit the bulls-eye. Put your money where your mouth is. When you can shoot, people tend to shut up. Being a “fantabulous” shooter is not required but there are certain people who are best addressed by showing them that they just got beat by a girl! Use this as your motivation to practice and learn to be the best shooter you can be.

6. Go by yourself. People will see that you are there strictly for yourself. They will see that you are there to better yourself as a shooter and nothing else. You are not there on a date as the helpless girl! You are there because you are a competent gun handler that is going to practice hitting the bulls-eye.

Just because you are a girl doesn’t mean you can’t have a gun! Gain your respect by knowing how to use your firearm safely and accurately.

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Choosing a Concealed Carry Insurance Policy

“Carry All Day Every Day”

Most gun owners view the possession of a firearm in the gun safe or concealed carried as our insurance against those who would harm us. What if the unexpected happened? What if you are forced to use your firearm in self-defense? Well, since you are a legally armed citizen, you just show up in court and prove that you met all the legal requirements to justify using deadly force. Then the court rules in your favor and life goes on… not quite. Sounds real simple but I guarantee that it’s not! Just the word “court” is complicated and expensive. Even though the court may rule that you are innocent of any criminal charges the family of the deceased can take further action and file a civil suit for wrongful death resulting in even more time and money.

Insurance companies are now offering concealed carry and self-defense insurance policies just for such occasions. Since this has become so popular, there are several coverage options and several providers to choose from.

When choosing a policy, do your homework. Most homeowner’s insurance policies have clauses that may either enable or prevent your current plan from covering you in a self-defense scenario on your own property. So consider any coverage you may already have through your homeowner’s insurance.

You need to also understand what the state laws are and how they can protect you in certain situations. However, word of caution these laws are always changing so you need to stay abreast of what they are at all times. A lot of states have Stand Your Ground laws that protect individuals against civil suits in lawful self-defense situations. Most of the time, these laws make it unlikely that you will face a civil suit when rightfully defending yourself.

Consider the different types of coverage. Of course, the higher the premium, the more coverage you get. Many plans will cover your legal bills for civil cases up to the plan limit. For criminal trials, most plans only offer reimbursement for money spent defending yourself. Several insurance plans will not provide any money upfront and will only pay if you are found not guilty. With all this in mind, it important to understand exactly what you are getting.

A few other things to consider is how much coverage you feel you might need based upon where you live. Going to court in one jurisdiction versus another can be very different and can costs various amounts. Find out if the plan provides an attorney for you or if it allows you to pick the attorney you feel will best represent you. Will the plan cover fees for an expert witness and are the fees provided up front or reimbursed? Does the plan offer a list of resources such as expert witness? And determine if the plan covers your family members during a self-defense incident within your home using your firearm.

I am sure there is something that I am missing but you get the idea! You can never be too ready for the unexpected.

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When Should You Draw Your Concealed Handgun?

“Carry All Day Every Day”

This is a very important question that everyone needs to try to answer before they decide to carry a concealed handgun. When law-abiding citizens carry a gun, they implicitly decide to take the responsibility of protecting themselves against potential threats and also accept the legal and moral consequences of carrying a deadly weapon.

Do you feel that is it your moral obligation to step in and help stop a crime that is in progress? Defending those outside your family circle, even when the use of deadly force is warranted, raises the stakes. Pulling your concealed handgun to stop a crime is a life-changing decision. What if you are charged with a crime and have to spend time in jail until it is all sorted out? What if you get injured? What happens to your family? No one can truly answer these questions but you. However, all these thoughts are secondary to the psychological effects of actually using your firearm. Your life will never be the same if you kill or seriously injure someone. I don’t care how prepared you think you are.

Many people feel empowered because they are packing which is a good thing however you should never and I will say it again, “NEVER,” pull you handgun unless:

1. You or someone else is in imminent danger and
2. You intend to fire it at the target.

You never pull a firearm just to “SCARE,” somebody. You have broken a cardinal rule of responsibility and played your hand of stupidity. It is not to be used to ward of threats. Once you present your gun you have essentially backed yourself into a corner and you now may be forced to use it when there could have been other options prior to that point. You also never pull a firearm unless you are ready to fire. Your handgun is a tool of last resort. It does not come out of the holster unless not drawing would result in someone innocent being seriously injured or killed. However, once pulled, you shoot to kill. I say shoot to kill because if you have pulled your firearm in the right situation the danger is so that you need to kill. Many women will pull a firearm without shooting only to be overtaken by their attacker.

In most situations, you are not going to have time to think about all of this. Things happen too fast and your adrenaline is pumping. It is very important to ask yourself these questions now. Go over possible scenarios in your mind and practice how you would want to respond. This is no guarantee that you will do what you have practiced but it will help if the time ever arises. You are responsible for knowing the laws in your state and you are responsible for that bullet once it leaves your handgun. “I didn’t know,” doesn’t hold up in the court of law.

Making the decision to conceal carry is a big one but a good one. Just like driving a car, once you understand the rules and safety guidelines, driving responsibly is a piece of cake!

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Conceal Carry in a Sexy Dress

“Carry All Day Every Day”

I mentioned in another article that in my opinion carrying a handgun in your purse is a really bad idea! The first thing that your assailant goes after in a robbery is your purse. If your handgun is in your purse, once the purse is gone so is your protection. You are rendered almost helpless at that point.

One of the challenges for women with concealed carry is where to put the darn thing! Most clothes with any style about them provide next to no possibilities. This is where the right concealed handgun accessory comes in. Depending on which dress you choose to wear at the moment will depend on which way you will want to conceal your weapon.

1. Ankle Carry – Okay, so whether it’s a slinky evening gown or a long flowing summer beach dress ankle carry would most possibly be the best choice here. There is usually not much fabric to the upper bodice of the dress so you take advantage of the lower coverage. Ankle carry is perhaps one of the most comfortable on this list, not to mention among the most accessible.

2. Traditional Inside Waistband Carry – With this type of concealed carry it is important that you wear something to keep your firearms and accessories anchored to your body. Most women choose shorts capable of accommodating the firearm belt in order to accomplish this. Jean shorts are the best as they are not only form-fitting, but tough enough to support the weight of your gear. With this in mind you also have to choose a dress that is non-form fitting from the waist down so that the bulk of what is under there is not visible.

3. Hip Hugger Carry – This option works well with a drop waste dress. The belt sits low on the hips where the top is resting a few inches below the belly button. You also have the convenience of sliding the holster around until the pockets are exactly where they need to be.

4. Belly Band Carry – The belly band may be ultimately the most flexible on-body holster, making it possible to position the firearm nearly anywhere on your torso to suit the clothing you are wearing. The belly band allows you to position the gun high or low, toward the front or toward either side. With a dress, the firearm could also be positioned just beneath the bosom to allow a draw from the neckline.

5. Back Carry – One solution for back carry is the pocketed compression shorts. They feel like Spanx and secure the handgun right in the small of your back. With this option you get your tummy control too!

6. Thigh carry – The length of your dress will decide if this is an option for you. You want to be sure the pistol and holster stay concealed because the handgun can only sit so high before the grip of the gun becomes an issue. It is important to test a thigh holster out before you use it. Without a comfortable enough holster, the wearer can chafe from movement.

7. Bra carry – With a dress that is not just skin-tight and has a little fabric below the chest the bra carry holster would be a great option.

With each one of these options comes practice with the draw. You are going to either have to hike your skirt, or reach down your shirt but you can still be pretty and pack at the same time.

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Handguns Do Not Kill

“Carry All Day Every Day”

Handguns or any type of gun for that matter does not have the ability to stand up, load itself, aim at its target and make the decision to pull its own trigger. To say otherwise we are anthropomorphizing the handgun to make decisions as a human would.

Only living creators who have the ability to rationalize and make the decision to physically act upon a thought process kill people. If that is the case then, we would have to say that cars, knives, airplanes, pens, needles, drugs, alcohol, axes, hammers, ropes, rocks, food, money, you name it, kills people.

If we continue down that path and add the control that is being suggested by the “gun control” activists, we would have to implement the same control with all the other items I just listed. Now how absurd is that? Many say we don’t need guns because we have police. Does that mean we don’t need a fire extinguisher in our house because we have a fire department? So if the house burns down, whose fault is it?

Grant it, some people are irresponsible to put it politely. They cannot handle the responsibility of handgun ownership just as they can’t hand the ownership of a car or drinking responsibly. Those along with mentally ill, minors, and criminals are the people we ideally don’t want to have the handguns. However, until we figure out a way to accomplish that, taking handguns away from people who need to protect themselves is NOT the answer! Think about it. If you can protect yourself then you can stop criminals from breaking in and stealing. Would you break into a house knowing the owners had guns for their protection? I know I wouldn’t.

Listen, it all boils down to do you or don’t you? With privileges comes responsibility. Do you want the privilege of having a handgun or don’t you? If you do then you take on the responsibilities that come with it.

Of course these are just a few, but you get the idea.


1. Protection
2. Hunting
3. Target shooting
4. Hobby/Family heirloom
5. Constitution Right


1. Concealed Carry license
2. Secure Firearm when not in use
3. Education on how to handle
4. Treat Firearm as if it were loaded.
5. Never point firearm at anything you don’t intend to shoot

If you make the decision to own a handgun, you make the decision to own all the things that come with it. Being a responsible gun owner empowers us with the best tool we can have on hand to counter a threat to one’s life, and/or the lives of our family members. So to own a gun for the purpose of defense is one of the most universal and basic human rights

As gun ownership increases, crime decreases. It’s a win-win situation when more honest people are armed. Many, if not most, instances of self-defense don’t even necessitate the firing of a gun. Its mere presence is enough!

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New to Concealed Handgun Carry? What Do I Do?

“Carry All Day Every Day”

Now as a newbie you are faced with the decision, “Do I carry a gun inside or outside the waistband?” This is a question that has to be answered by you based on your preferences. There are several things to consider. Decide which is more comfortable.

Usually, outside the waistband is a very comfortable option for everyday especially if you are walking around. It also provides for a much faster draw than inside waistband does. With inside waistband the pistol is right up against the skin whereas outside waistband is not. This allows for a more convenient grip on your pistol before you even pull it from the holster.

Because you can get to your pistol faster and easier with the outside waistband, it also enables you to be more accurate. There is no fumbling around or readjusting the position of your hand on the grip after the handgun is drawn. Every second counts in a life or death situation.

One more advantage to the outside waistband is that the re-holstering of your handgun when you’re done is extremely easy. In the event that you have actually fired your weapon in an emergency, with your adrenaline up and your brain racing, getting your handgun back in its safe place without an accidental discharge is essential. No one wants to shoot themselves trying to get their handgun back in the holster.

You should definitely try both and decide for yourself however considering all things, I recommend the outside waistband until you are no longer a newbie. You should also practice holstering, drawing and re-holstering your handgun until you are comfortable handling your weapon. Please practice with an unloaded firearm until you get to a range that has a draw-and fire lane. The situation is never the same when the real thing happens.


Women should not carry their handguns in their purse unless your purse is specifically designed to carry however even then I really advise against it. The first thing that predator is usually after when a woman is attacked is her purse. If your purse is pulled from you and your handgun is in it you are rendered defenseless immediately. The best thing to do is have your weapon on your person. I understand that concealment for women is even more difficult than men due to clothing styles but your safety is at the utmost importance. Better safe than sorry as my mother always says.

One disadvantage to the outside waistband is it doesn’t offer as much concealment as the inside waistband. However, there are holsters on the market that are made with a lower profile that make it easier to conceal outside the waistband. Also check for the open belt slot on one end and the belt slide fob in the center of the holster, giving the user two points of belt security for a tight and secure fit which allows for better concealment.



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Why I Carry a Concealed Handgun

“Carry All Day Every Day”

One afternoon, my daughter, grandson, and I came home from the grocery store and the front door was ajar. I had my hands full of grocery bags and my daughter was carrying my grandson in the infant carrier. I (like all the dummies you see in the movies) proceeded to walk right in the door to check things out. Long story short, the place was ransacked and only personal items of mine were taken as compared to items of value. It was like someone had gone shopping. The police officer advised me to move due to the nature of the items that were taken because it appeared as if someone had been stalking me. I felt totally violated

Not only did I move but I marched right down to the next gun show and bought myself a Smith & Wesson revolver. I also went and got my License to Carry. I was not going to live in fear nor was I going to allow someone to put my family in danger like that again.

Carrying a concealed handgun empowers me with protection, but only to the extent that I allow it to. If I don’t know how to use my handgun, don’t take care of my handgun, or better yet, don’t even have it on me, I have put not only myself but my family right back in the same vulnerable position as I was on that afternoon. It is the responsibility of the owner to be abreast of the use, care, and laws of handgun carry.

There are four standard safety rules to always, always, and I repeat always remember.

1. Every gun is always loaded. No matter what anyone says, you treat it likes it loaded.

2. Never point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy. Never assume the gun is unloaded. Refer to rule #1. Make sure that the magazine is out or the cylinder is open, then the bolt or slide is open. Once that is done you visually inspect the chamber.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you have decided to shoot.

4. Be sure of your target and what is around it. You are responsible for collateral damage.There are a few other safety tips I would like to mention. It is a good idea to rid yourself of distractions when cleaning your firearms and move ammunition out of reach. Teach your children the four gun safety rules. Simple telling them that the guns are “off-limits” or that they will blow up if they touch them will not work! This is why the child related accidents happen. You need to teach them that guns are always loaded, never point the gun at someone else, keep their finger off the trigger, and always check twice to make sure the firearm is unloaded. They also need to know to keep the information that you have firearms at home a secret, and wear proper eye and ear protection. They are watching you so stay consistent.

Last but not least, carry with a bullet in the chamber. There is a lot of controversy over this subject. However, you are not going to have time to pull your handgun from the holster, remove the safety, get into shooting stance and then fire. I promise! The attacker will to be up on you so fast you will not know what happened.

Just remember why you carry. Keep up on your skills. Keep up on the current laws and keep your equipment up to date.

This is Why I Carry a Concealed Handgun!