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Who Are the Good Guys?

We are so worried about gun control and getting all the guns off the streets, when we have police officers and prison guards who misuse their power and are just as guilty as what we call “criminals.”

Our prison systems are infiltrated with those of power that are more-evil than those they guard.  When put in a position of power, you are given great responsibility to lead with integrity.  When you are the law, breaking the law and getting away with it just because you have power sets a double standard that absolutely no one benefits from.

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Where do you think inmates get all their contra ban such as drugs, cell phones, and weapons from? It isn’t from all the visitors that get thoroughly searched every time they come in.

Inside the prisons, physical, sexual, mental, emotional and verbal abuse are prevalent.  Food has been denied and people are just down right treated worse than you are legally allowed to treat your pets.  Our prison systems do not even have air conditioners.  Everything is metal.  It gets over 110 degrees in there.  It is against the law to house animals in those conditions.

If anyone thinks that any rehabilitation is going on under those conditions, we are sadly mistaken, and many wonder why inmates end up back in the system.  They are not given the tools they need to survive in the free world, on top of having to deal with PTSD as a result of being incarcerated. 

Yes, they made a bad choice to end up in the slammer and no it isn’t supposed to be enjoyable.  However, there should be an opportunity to be treated like a human and to rehabilitate so that a life beyond prison is obtainable.  We all are just one decision away from being inside ourselves or it may be that we just haven’t been caught yet.

Equal Opportunity

Maybe if the rehabilitation of our inmates were a bigger priority and the actions of the staff that kept them were held to a higher standard, gun control wouldn’t be such an issue.  So really, who are the good guys here?