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Should Teachers be allowed to Conceal Carry?

Should School Teachers be Armed?

This is a very hot and controversial topic that has been up for debate.  There are very emotional augments on both sides.  What is the right answer?

The United States experiences numerous deadly school shooting yearly.  According to the National Sherriff’s Association it takes police, on average, 18 minutes to respond to a 911 call.  The average school shooting last 12.5 minutes.  Let’s just say we cut the average response time down by half, the gunman has still had time to almost complete the entire shooting with little to no opposition.

You don’t hear of a gunman walking into a police station to shoot it up.  Let’s ask ourselves why?  Well, there are trained professionals who will fire back!  It is time to fire back!  The argument against allowing teachers to protect themselves and our children is that they are not trained.  I say get them trained.  Not only do they have to have a concealed hand gun license but require tactical training to go along with it as a stipulation to be able to carry on the job.  Require continuing education classes as well just as any other profession does.  Teachers can’t teach our children if they aren’t alive to do it. 

Legally gun owning adults are now allowed to carry guns in publics schools in more than two dozen states, from kindergarten to high school hallways.  Seven of those states allow teachers and other staff members to carry guns throughout the school specifically. 

This August 2016 photo shows a sign outside a school in Claude, Texas, which Claude ISD posts outside their schools.

We place a huge responsibility on our teachers for the overall wellbeing of our children.  They have our children for at least 25% of their young lives.  It is important that we give our teachers the resources to do a good job.  These resources include, education, training, supplies, money and empowerment to protect.   If they don’t have these things them shame on us.

There is a reason that school shootings have increased over the past few years.  Evil preys on the weak.  Children with adults that are not protected are viewed as weak.  We have to change this!