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What Goes In a Personal or Diversion Safe

“Carry All Day Every Day”

Ever watched a James Bond movie where he pulls the heel of his shoe off and it’s a cell phone? Or the button on his shirt is a camera and the ink pen in his pocket is really a poison dart? The same concept holds true with diversion safes. They are purposed to conceal items in plain sight as to not draw attention to themselves making it hard to find.

Secret diversion safes when hidden with other household items will never be targeted, because burglars will never know or think that it’s a personal safe. They can be positioned just about anywhere. Statistics show that a burglar spends on average 6-8 minutes in the victim’s home which puts the odds in your favor when they don’t know where to look.

So what is it that needs to go in a diversion or personal safe? You can start with the extra key under the mat outside the front door. Set a realistic looking stone key hider among the rocks around your porch or tuck it away behind a bush. You could also use the sprinkler head key hider by wedging it into the grass or soil and no one would know the difference. This is a lot better than just letting the perpetrator in the front door by leaving the key under the mat, in the flowerpot or on top of the door frame.

While burglars are looking for your jewelry in the jewelry box you have cleverly hidden it in the diversion safe. Of course, we want to put our money, passports, credit cards, as well as our handguns in our secret compartments as well. Some other items that might be of interest could be important documents such as birth certificates, life insurance policies, and wills. I would consider putting the keys to the storage unit, lockbox and safety deposit box in there as well. Simply put: these diversion safes provide the level of secrecy and security you need to keep things out of other people’s hands.

“Why bother?” you ask. Well, many people think that nothing will ever happen to them. Sadly, that is not the case. There are several things that can happen to valuables that are not secured. The first thing that comes to peoples mind is of course robbery. That is why they think it won’t happen to them. However the fact is, the United States leads the world in occurrence of burglaries and about four burglaries occur every minute; that’s one every 15 seconds. Those are not very good odds.

Items can get lost if they are not secured. I don’t know how many times I have put something somewhere so that I wouldn’t lose it and later couldn’t find it. If I had put it in the safe it wouldn’t be lost. Weather is another issue that will destroy valuables. Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, fires etc., are all natural disasters that no one “thinks” will happen to them but no one “knows” that it won’t. It never hurts to be prepared. Some valuables cannot be replaced.

Diversion safes provide concealed security for your valuables with affordable options. Get yourself prepared for whatever might come your way.

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