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When Should You Draw Your Concealed Handgun?

“Carry All Day Every Day”

This is a very important question that everyone needs to try to answer before they decide to carry a concealed handgun. When law-abiding citizens carry a gun, they implicitly decide to take the responsibility of protecting themselves against potential threats and also accept the legal and moral consequences of carrying a deadly weapon.

Do you feel that is it your moral obligation to step in and help stop a crime that is in progress? Defending those outside your family circle, even when the use of deadly force is warranted, raises the stakes. Pulling your concealed handgun to stop a crime is a life-changing decision. What if you are charged with a crime and have to spend time in jail until it is all sorted out? What if you get injured? What happens to your family? No one can truly answer these questions but you. However, all these thoughts are secondary to the psychological effects of actually using your firearm. Your life will never be the same if you kill or seriously injure someone. I don’t care how prepared you think you are.

Many people feel empowered because they are packing which is a good thing however you should never and I will say it again, “NEVER,” pull you handgun unless:

1. You or someone else is in imminent danger and
2. You intend to fire it at the target.

You never pull a firearm just to “SCARE,” somebody. You have broken a cardinal rule of responsibility and played your hand of stupidity. It is not to be used to ward of threats. Once you present your gun you have essentially backed yourself into a corner and you now may be forced to use it when there could have been other options prior to that point. You also never pull a firearm unless you are ready to fire. Your handgun is a tool of last resort. It does not come out of the holster unless not drawing would result in someone innocent being seriously injured or killed. However, once pulled, you shoot to kill. I say shoot to kill because if you have pulled your firearm in the right situation the danger is so that you need to kill. Many women will pull a firearm without shooting only to be overtaken by their attacker.

In most situations, you are not going to have time to think about all of this. Things happen too fast and your adrenaline is pumping. It is very important to ask yourself these questions now. Go over possible scenarios in your mind and practice how you would want to respond. This is no guarantee that you will do what you have practiced but it will help if the time ever arises. You are responsible for knowing the laws in your state and you are responsible for that bullet once it leaves your handgun. “I didn’t know,” doesn’t hold up in the court of law.

Making the decision to conceal carry is a big one but a good one. Just like driving a car, once you understand the rules and safety guidelines, driving responsibly is a piece of cake!

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