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Who Needs a Gun Safe?

“Carry All Day Every Day”

Gun safes provide a secure place to store handguns out of reach of family member especially children as well as burglars. Too many accidents have occurred while children were playing with real guns even though parents thought they had the firearms hidden in the closet or under the bed.

Gun safes also protect firearms from disasters such as fires, floods, moisture which can cause rust, etc. along with protecting them from scratches, dust, and fading. Not to mention, you can put other precious item in there such as documents, jewelry, and extra cash.

One disadvantage to a gun safe is the time that it takes to actually retrieve your handgun in the heat of the moment. Remembering a combination and actually punching it in under duress could be a daunting task when every second counts. However, with mapping out and practicing the most efficient method of opening your safe and grabbing your weapon, this disadvantage can be minimized significantly.

There is also a new trend of gun safes on the market that is designed to help minimize this disadvantage as well. These are the concealed home/gun safes otherwise known as diversion safes. A diversion safe is a safe that is hidden in the furniture, walls, stairs, ceiling, or just flat-out in plain sight. With the location being secret there is no need to use heavy metal doors or complex locks giving a quick access advantage. It is all about location and concealment that gives the quickest access to the firearm without creating a situation where the wrong person will find it. Many of these diversion safes actually look like books, furniture, and other household items that blend right in with everything else. A burglar would never know that it was actually a safe nor would they take the time to look because they are usually in a hurry.

There is also new technology introducing the biometric gun safe doing away with the time-consuming traditional gun safe. With this safe, your fingerprint is the key, granting immediate access to your handguns. There is no remembering the combination or fumbling with keys. This is the biometric gun safe’s greatest advantage – speed. The biometric safe can be installed under a desk, beside the bed, under a coffee table, in your car, or a number of places for concealed and quick access. Your gun must be in your hands as soon as possible when dealing with life-threatening situations.

Guns are intended to keep our families safe and secure from all hurt, harm, and danger but put in the wrong hands that intention flies out the window. We have a responsibility as handgun owners to properly secure our firearms for this reason. Be a responsible handgun owner and secure your firearms in a gun safe.

2 thoughts on “Who Needs a Gun Safe?

  1. Hey Angela
    That’s a great article, and I wasn’t aware of the biometric gun safes. They sound like a fantastic time saver and this is the way technology is going now, in the same way we use it to open unlock our mobile phones etc.

    1. Steven,
      Yes! This is also a safety enhancement because you don’t have to punch in numbers or remember numbers when you are under duress. Using your fingerprints also stops the beeping sounds so if your having to pull out your weapon on the fly it is much more quite. I think it is awesome. Thanks for your comments.

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